At Brook Flooring we love the range of carpets from Brockway. The traditional range is all British wool and manufactured, tufted carpet which is guaranteed against de-laminating. Some of the carpets are also coloured using different wool’s which give a really natural, rustic look and make the carpet very robust in all areas of your house. Brockway is a family run business who believe strongly in British craftsmanship. Embedded in there workforce is the expertise of generations of carpet makers; the sons and daughters of previous staff carry forward the skills and knowledge passed down through the years. They manufacture in their own factory and have much more control and influence over the choice of raw materials and designs that make a Brockway carpet. Brockway work with the country’s leading designers and colourists to stay one step ahead of consumer preferences and stay in touch with spinners, yarn suppliers and our retailers to monitor trends. Most people think wool carpets are significantly more expensive then synthetic carpet but with prices starting at £23.99m² for a 40oz wool carpet, there is something for every budget. We have plenty of samples for you to take home and try and our estimating and consultation service is completely free and we have our own fitting team to complete the flooring.