Underlay is as important as the carpet or hard flooring. The underlay can insulate to keep the room warm, let heat through if you have under-floor heating, it will decrease flattening on heavy traffic areas, can reduce noise and also will feel comfortable underfoot.

The underlay you choose will vary depending on the area of the house, commercial space or boat.

With a thicker pile carpet a soft comfortable underlay will feel fantastic when you take your first step out of your bed from Sweet Dreams Warsash

If you a have a period cottage or older house and need some insulation you can increase the warmth by choosing a dense underlay with a high tog rating to remove the drafts from between the floor and skirting boards, our fitters will also tape the underlay together for full insulation.

If you would like to have hard flooring upstairs but are worried about the noise when people are walking over it you can choose an underlay that has a decibel reduction.

With under-floor heating and hard flooring we have an underlay that lets the heat through and spread evenly throughout the room or we can reduce the tog rating of the underlay to let the heat flow through your carpet.

The only areas we do not generally recommend underlay is on boats but in cabins and areas where you need comfort we have several solutions.